Restaurant POS System

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restaurant pos system
Today’s largest, fast-growing restaurant brands choose Soft Infinity Technology
  • use by any size of restaurant
  • Specially built for the restaurant industry
  • Handheld Device For table-side ordering and payment
  • extremely intuitive and easy to use for both FOH and managers
  • Highly customizable
  • Admin Table and floor managment
  • Employee & labor Management
  • Kitchen Display System
  • Multiple Features
  • Ease-of-use
  • Customer Support
  • Value for your money

Restaurant Analytics POS Integration.

Soft Infinity Technology consistently serves up easy-to-read reports to make sense of the data behind your restaurant’s operations, including a Daily Digest, Menu Intelligence, and Server Performance.

Restaurant POS System Inventory Integration.

A simple and hassle-free inventory management solution to help you streamline back-of-house, reduce waste, and cut your food costs, so you can be the boss of your bottom line. Automate the manual and time-exhaustive parts of restaurant inventory management with real-time deductions down to the ounce as menu items are sold, automatic replenishments when you receive inventory, and 1-click purchasing when you get low inventory level alerts.

POS Software For Restaurant
restaurant pos software

Restaurant POS Mobile

Whether you’re at home or on the go, you can get visibility into checks, alerts for online orders, and see how busy your restaurant is with a sneak peek into the POS from your phone. Download the Mobile app to your own Android, iPad, or iPhone to view dine-in and online orders.

The Mobile app gives you a real-time glimpse into your point of sale. It can also be used for service that does not require checks being sent to the printer, like a food truck or pop-up event. The app allows you to take orders and manually close out payments right from your phone leveraging your own data plan.

POS Software

Employee Scheduling with Workforce.

Create schedules, send shifts to employees, view labor costs and enforce clocking-in at the Restaurant  POS System— all from a single platform. Ditch the spreadsheets and start building and managing schedules using the same platform you use to manage your employee information and view your analytics. Create schedules within a simple calendar view to create and assign shifts from scratch or work from an existing template.

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