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Soft IT is specially designed for small and medium tier Trade, Services and Manufacturing companies, keeping in view the dynamics of Pakistani market. It is an integrated Business Application which is developed on Customer Experience & Accounting Standards, successfully running in hundreds of companies!

how to register
Soft IT Software Registration Process
Please follow the following steps to get licensed SOft IT Software free of cost.

Step 1: Register Company

After successful registration; you will be allocated a “Serial Number” and a “CD key”. Make sure you have noted these keys as they will be required at subsequent stages.

Step 2: Download Software from Website 

Download Software

Soft IT software is available in two modules:

a) Soft IT, recommended for manufacturing businesses and Soft IT  E-Point of Sale (EPOS) recommended for whole-sellers and retail traders.  Chose the desired module and download the software by clicking on the software download link.

b) Select either a complete download or file by file download option depending on the speed of your internet connection and convenience. In either case click the desired file, a download dialogue will open.

c) Choose option ‘Save to Disk’. Save the file to any convenient folder on your computer. Download all the files in the same folder.

Step 3: Install

a) Double click on the file(s) you have downloaded, extract the zipped files in a convenient folder on your computer or run setup file from disk1 in CD.

b) Once the unzip process is complete for all the files, run the extracted file named “Setup.Exe” from folder Disk 1. This is a windows setup file and it will copy all the necessary files on your computer.

c) You can navigate the software and see demo data. However, if you want to get complete access to all the features, you need to get your company registration key.

Step 4: Get Registration Key

a) When you run Soft IT application for the first time, the registration screen will automatically open for you. In the “Soft IT Register” window, enter your company name. This is required in order to register the your product in your name.

b) Enter your Soft IT  key, acquired in step 1.

c) Now press “Generate Key Button” in the registration window of the software, your software will generate an authorization key.

d). Now click on the link given on screen or visit :

e) Enter Serial No. CD key and authorization key. Press “get registration key” button. The system will generate a unique registration key for your company.

f) Go back to your software screen and enter the registration number in the software registration window.

g) Press register now button. Now you have completed the registration process and can start using your own licensed version of Soft IT.

Important Information

44 MB
Operating System
Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8 New
Hardware Requirements
CPU Pentium II or better, RAM Min 64 Mb, Free HDD Space 50 Mb
Click here for feature list
User Manual
Click here to Download, pdf file size 9.5 MB
Technical Support
If you encounter any problem during download or installation, or need ant futher information on Soft IT, please fell free to contact Soft IT Helpline, click here for helpline information, for your convenience, frequently asked questions are also logged.